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hello all. i am emailing from mailboxes etcetera on hudson street. i couldn’t get a time warner appointment until next weekend, so for the next week i shall be sans internet (and tv, and home phone). oi. BUT my cell phone works fine in the new place and i have my iTunes, Cds, newspapers and sirius radio to fill the media void for the next week. the move was as good as a move could be. the movers were very nice and helpful (big john’s on the upper east side) and nothing was lost or broken. the new place belongs to a friend and is truly wonderful. i feel so much more at home there than in my prior pad. even the movers were shocked by how small it was. they were off the boat immigrants and couldn’t fathom how i could have lived there for 3.5 years. my answer: the deferred gratification principle. it works. anyways, life is good. it’s a rainy sunday in january and i don’t even have the blues.



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last post from woodstock towers

it’s been a good home for the last 3.5 years. i love this little enclave. bye bye tudor city!

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at least someone’s enjoying this process

aretha goes vertical, using my soon to be moved belongings as her personal playground. click to see a larger version.

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the good life

i like this summary of aristotle’s views on the good life. i took a class on aristotle in grad school and am fairly sure i am an aristotelian at heart. erin and i have been debating it for years. plato versus aristotle (who’s right), and which are each of us? here’s a bit i like:

Happiness, for Aristotle, is not something that comes to us from the outside. Rather, happiness is an inside job. Happiness is an activity, not a passivity (something that happens to you). It is an activity rooted in human choices. In other words, if someone is unhappy, it is because he has not chosen well. And if one is happy, it is only because he has chosen well. Remember, a good man is one who reasons well and chooses well. Hence, a good man is a happy man. Happiness, according to Aristotle, is going to result from making choices that promote the fullness of one’s nature. Now human nature has specific powers, namely, intellect, will, and the concupiscible and irascible appetites. And so human happiness is going to lie in the perfection of those human powers.

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honchopalooza 2006

davos: business


sundance: entertainment

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week one

of the new job. so far so good. i need to step up and start learning how the business really works. i am scared, but that is good. i like a challenge. i want to grow and get better and this situation will absolutely help me do that.

what’s the same across industries: the corporate stuff. the boardrooms, the scripts, the changes, the powerpoints, the scrambling.

the difference: the the content is interesting as hell. in fact, there is nothing in the world i would rather be working on. i have a lot to learn, and i can’t wait to study it.

another difference: the honchos are dynamic … and quite badass. they are demanding and don’t settle for anything short of the best. and they are just cool. i know, very high school of me. but i can’t help myself. i’ve always wanted to hang with the popular crowd.

another difference: the press. the constant barrage of inquiries. not to me personally (yet) but to my bosses. we are, after all, a media relations department for a high profile company. i don’t desire a direct PR role. my job is PR, but in a indirect way and i prefer that.

so that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

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moving … AAHHHHHH

i am moving apartments tomorrow. i don’t have boxes. i’m sleep deprived. i am just gonna pony up the dough and have the moving guys pack up my shit. i hate to do it, but there’s this thing called physics:

the measure of disorganization or degradation in the universe that reduces available energy, or tendency of available energy to dwindle. chaos, opposite of order.

that explains my condition.

chaos, opposite of order. … AAHHHHHH

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