why do you do this to yourself?

the song by evan dando. very apropos for today. for some crazy reason i drank 4 beers last night. and in even greater lunacy, i booked myself for a 9:30 am bikini wax on the other side of town. i knew as i was doing both of these things, i would most certainly regret it. as if a bikini wax isn’t painful enough — 9:30 on a sunday, after a night out watching a band and boozing? dumb. to top it all off also i booked myself for a sunday brunch with family. all i want to do is collapse into a narcoleptic fit. surrender to the need for slumber. but i’ve got to tidy up the place and be sociable. meanwhile the nytimes is sitting there on the table whispering “read me, you lazy fool! all you ever do these days is watch cable.”



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3 responses to “why do you do this to yourself?

  1. spillah

    ow. i so sympathize. having gone brazilian. after a multi-year hiatus. without serious painkillers. even though i had them.

    it sort of reminds me of the last time i did that, the time that initiated the multi-year hiatus, because the woman in deerfield didn’t know what she was doing. i called m and screamed into the phone after a waxing session i had stopped halfway. “i am MAIMED!” i screamed. “i am never getting a bikini wax again!” i screamed, going on in some detail, at some decibel, about the nature of my resultant odd hair art.

    “okay.” he said. “i hear you. and i am pretty sure the clients who are in my office right now also heard you.”


    i have painkillers, if needed.

  2. Anonymous

    while we’re on the subject of waxes. one time beth called the spa and asked the lady on the phone:”how much is an amazonian bikini wax?” the lady busted a gut laughing and beth immediately figured out her mistake.

    but let the hiatus last too long and it can get rather hectic down there. welcome to the jungle…


  3. Lost

    AH….I love it.
    You wrote what I think quite often. Especially about watching too much cable.

    Please help me when I move east.


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