It’s Friday night, and I ain’t got nobody…

lots of people outside, doing things. i just talked with beth for a while, ordered take out and am now sitting here stewing in my post-workout nastiness. i am vile in that way. i don’t run for the shower after i work out. i get so tired, i can just kind of let it go until the next day. or else i’m in a hurry and i don’t want to take the time. it is not uncommon for me to run 5 miles, come home and do a quick italian shower (washcloth, sink, extra deodorant and perfume) and go straight out. earthy, earthy me.

but i digress … the point is, i need to work on the social life. it’s friday night and i find myself here at home, with netflix and my cat. a depressing bridget jones-esque stereotype. my trainer asks, every friday: “what are you doing tonight?” and i tell him i’m beat and i don’t go out on fridays. truth is i would go out on fridays, but to where and with whom? i hate the bars. if my friends are going and there’s a thing and it comes to that, yes, i’ll go. in truth, however, i much prefer staying in, though some company would be nice.

i’ve lived alone for six years now and while i am certainly comfortable being with myself, i sometimes wish i had a roommate. clearly i want more than a roommate at some point. i want a relationship, kiddies, the whole bit. but for right now, i’d settle for someone to sit around and watch TV with. does that sound pathetic? i have many great friends who would fit that that bill comfortably, but there’s the whole ugly issue of planning.

“want to come watch chappelle show re-runs with me? cool. okay take the crosstown bus on 14th — get off at hudson. no i don’t have any food … yes, i love chips and salsa, that would be great. okay well i should be back from the gym by 9. you don’t mind if i don’t shower, right? oh and i go to bed early now so you’ve got to leave by 11, okay? great, thanks, see you then.”

you know on friends and seinfeld, one of the great features of the friendships was proximity. they were all neighbors. it made it so easy, so possible to get together on a daily and hourly basis. i actually have one close friend who lives a few blocks away but she’s even more antisocial than i am so i am not really realizing the proximity benefit as much as i’d like to. (suzanne: you can tell traci i said that … lord knows she never reads the blog).

well the food is here and netflix beckons. ta ta!



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6 responses to “It’s Friday night, and I ain’t got nobody…

  1. Christine

    I am SO glad to know I’m not the only one who finds it acceptable to blow off the shower after a long run.

    You’ll also take comfort to know that many years of solitary friday night netficking and cat petting preceeded you within those very same four walls!

  2. Kate

    I totally spent last night alone at home completely nastified post-workout! (Which is actually a rather stunning coincidence, given how infrequently I work out.) With dogs and Comedy Central. Finally showered before bed.

    The ENTIRE reason I am braving this icky dating scene is so I can find someone to do all of the above with. I hate every last bit of this (well, except the flattery), but I have no idea how else to find someone to bring the damn chips and salsa over at this point.

    And for what it’s worth, I live across the street from one of my good friends, and still see her about twice a month, tops.

    And you might have noticed I’m sitting at home on Sat. night commenting on your blog. (Had a brunch date, at least, with the 47-year-old today. He was… 47. Sigh. Hello, drawing board, my old friend.)

  3. colleen

    this is why i love blogging: the support. and the knowledge that i am not as lame as i think i am — that other people are as lame as i am!! er, ugh, not what i meant … but you get the idea.

    okay so i am going to fess up in this buried little comment reply to a comment from kate. i’ve been trolling the online personals too, and recently posted a new profile on nerve. i tend not to get many replies, but who knows maybe this time will be different. i feel like i’ve been down this road MANY many times over the past few years. icky, but at least it’s activity. otherwise i feel helpless and that’s no good. so maybe i will get brave like you and start blogging about it.

  4. spillah

    First of all, I come home sweaty AND smelling like horse manure AND I sit around in that for hours. Often in my sweaty britches. Sometimes nap in it. With a blanket that was once clean.

    You are cool and run marathons and do yoga (for those of you who don’t run marathons). I am merely disgusting.

    Second, why the hell do you think I am moving to your hood? It is TOTALLY so I can sit with your sweaty bad self on Friday nights and watch Netflicks and hang with Aretha and Harriet. And leave at 11, because let’s face it, sleep is important.

    As long as you don’t mind the smell. It’s not bad. Kind of earthy.

  5. Lost

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I promise once I get settled, I’m coming over to watch tv and eat chips in my sweats.

    Only you have to promise you’ll cross the river sometimes and do the same.

    I think you took the words right out of my mouth on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in this post.

    Oh, good and I’m happy to hear I’ve got some potential comrades to share in the dating woes of online.

    Hang on Col….I’ll be settled soon!

  6. Kate

    I am totally as lame as you think you are.

    Rock on with the online personals! 2 bits of advice:

    1) You cannot imagine how much of a difference a really good picture makes. (Even if, as in my case, you didn’t know it was a really good picture.) Increases traffic from creeps, yes, but also from cuties, who approach far more enthusiastically than they do when you have a merely good pic. (You have to compartmentalize how completely annoying this fact is and just go with it.) And that leads to a legitimate belief that men are like streetcars, which makes it so much easier to go into dates only wondering whether HE deserves YOU, instead of the other way around. I don’t know about you, but that was a damned refreshing change for me. Date’s sucking? Bah. Got another one tomorrow.

    2) Nerve totally started sucking, imo, when Spring Street went belly-up. FYI, is totally free and has addictive personality tests–not superhigh quality, but again, totally free. And I’m having really good luck with the local alternative weekly. Are the Voice personals any good?

    Godspeed, my dear. And please start blogging about it.

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