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LAST CHANCE to submit for the music contest

the list is pretty much done, but i am still up for under the wire contributions so send ’em along.

man did i have fun with it.

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” – Jeremy Irons.


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a disturbing email from one chick who lives alone to another (me)

“… A guy that lives on the second floor died in his apartment and he had been there for 4 or 5 days. They think he was cooking or something and slipped and fell and cracked his head on the cement floor and bled to death.

Really friggin sad!!! he was the nicest guy too. I always worry about living alone – if something happened to me how long would it take for someone to find me and would my friends/family find me or some random person – UGH!!! I can’t even think about it it makes me sick to my stomach. Needless to say, i may head to my parents’ place a day early because the stench is absolutely nauseating. I can’t even step foot out of my apartment without getting sick.”


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jon spencer. i have not listened to it in years. it feels so good to bust it back out. i fuckin LOVED it in college. it reminds me of getting high and driving around with katie past indiana cornfields. talking ridiculous, beautiful shit. “preparing” for our radio show, where we mostly played jon spencer, pfunk, herbie hancock and talked aimlessly about mullets.

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Sweet Chomp O’ Mine

can’t say that axl biting a security guard constitutes a ‘man bites dog’ moment.

the most shocking part of this story is the bit about tommy hillfiger going buck wild.

what the?

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music contest — deadline approaches

i’ve received submissions to my BICOASTAL song contest from a whopping 10 different people. and my hair guy also gave me a few on the fly, and i have some of my own to chuck in there. i still want more, tho. as rick james would say, ‘give it to me baby.’

feel free to post submissions anonymously — several people have. the reason i initially asked to have them emailed is that i want to get people’s addresses so i can mail the prize. but if you don’t care, no worries.

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yikes, did i wake up in new orleans?

nah, it’s just the west village the morning after gay pride.

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Fashion Emergency!

Can someone PLEASE nominate me for one of those wardrobe makeover shows? I am looking like a total slob lately.

At first the problem was that my dowdy, conservative finance duds were not cutting it in my big media job. I showed up to my new gig with a closet full of navy and gray Brooks Brothers suits. Not cool.

Compounding the matter is the fact that I have dropped several sizes over the past few months. I’ve been working out Linda Hamilton style and as a result am down to a rather mini size. So what few cool clothes I have do not fit me anymore.

I know: boo fucking hoo.

It feels good to be fit again, but the regular personal ailments are still there. In the past I was naïve enough to think that getting thin would solve everything. It doesn’t. And as a practical matter, it creates a morning scramble EVERY GODDAMNED DAY.

I need new work clothes, new casual clothes, new jeans, new everything.

And I hate HATE HATE clothes shopping.

Bad attitude, indeed. Occasionally Linda takes me out and we hit up the consignment shops and I buy a bunch of nice-looking Armani suits and whatnot. But that only covers a day or two a week.

Thing is, I know good style and appreciate it when I see it. But I can’t seem to get started on cultivating it for myself. Can someone make me their project? Please, pretty please?

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