general update

June is a busy month. Lots happening socially. Seems like I have something every night, and those who know me know I am not a “go out every night” kind of girl.But I’m not a complete recluse either. My Myers-Briggs type: ENTJ. (Corporate testing hatas, gag away!)

I like being out there. I schmooze. I was Class President in high school. I like to wheel and deal and do the rounds, always have.

But I still need reflection time.

Work is pretty quiet. I still love it. Finally, I am on the right track, and it feels great. Yeah, it has its tense moments and occasional bullshit but all work does. For the most part, I am getting paid to do stuff that I love, like read all day, study numbers and trends, and pontificate.

It won’t get too nuts again until the second week of July, after my vacation.

Vacation ─ a beautiful thing. July 2 to July 9 Erin and I will be on Martha’s Vinyard. Can’t hardly wait.

I’ve gotten pretty religious about fitness again, going to the trainer twice a week now. Getting stronger is fun. I have this fantasy of being like Jennifer Garner in Alias. But I can’t deny that part of my success with these endeavors is my pure masochism. It’s also why I am good at corporate life. I am stubborn, hyper-competitive, and have an iron will. My trainer expresses one iota of doubt and I do the thing twice over out of spite, no matter how bad it hurts. So there … (ow!)!

But my patience has its limits. I’ve given up, yet again, on online dating. It wasn’t working for me. In real life, I’m trying to

– wear my iPod and glasses less
– scowl and glower less
– bat my big blue eyes more
– twirl my blond hair more
– seem more approachable when I am out and about.

It must be working somewhat ─ a random hottie rolled up on me in the park a week ago. We chatted for a while, but I had to leave after ten minutes to meet a friend for coffee. We exchanged names and before I took off he said: “I’ll be looking for you in the park.” He didn’t ask for my number, though, which is annoying. I’m thinking, “Jeez, just ask for my number dude. I sat here flirting with you for ten whole minutes!” Suppose I could have asked him, tho.

Apart from the absence of male affection (the story of my life, also the impetus for my masochism, and success … cue violins), things are pretty much awesome these days.


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One response to “general update

  1. Lost

    I love how happy you sound AND look!

    Rock on, girl…

    Oh and since I AM one of those people who encourages myers-briggs and will be rolling that our here at my company soon….I’m an

    INTP (bordering on being a “J” though)

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