soul journey

gillian welch. makes me really want to take guitar. and learn to sing better. it is so beautiful, and i can so relate to her sensibilitiy.

last night i fought with a dude about the state of hip hop. he was saying that kanye west is the last great artist from the current wave of hip hop artists.

i was all: no way.

kanye, yeah i can get into some of his more dancy tunes. i downloaded a few of the singles. he’s cool with talib kweli and common and a lot of other rappers that i really like. but i don’t feel kanye. he’s had all kinds of critical and commercial success … yet i know he was around, making music way before he made it big. but i just don’t feel him.

and then the dude shifted to jay-z and i felt the same way.

jay-z. solid, entertaining and all that but i prefer a more intellectual breed. jay-z, as phyllis astutely pointed out, is diddy-esque. though he started out rough and raw like so many others (like nas) now he’s a mogul making hits … big big hits. not that there’s anything wrong with that. the man is brilliant. but his music … my two preferred albums are MTV unplugged with the roots backing him up and the grey album, which was produced by danger mouse.

yeah, i clearly dig a more laid back melodic sound. good music as opposed to the club hit vibe. i long for the good ol days of tribe and de la. for me these days it’s pretty much all roots, all the time. i’ve been with them for years too, and now they are on the brink of going mainstream. the new album drops in august and they just joined def jam, a brilliant move on their part & jay’s. i want more of the world to think of the roots when they think about hip hop. it’s a shame that you say hip hop and people think about grills and rims and ho’s.

and then there’s outkast … probably the longest-together band that i love that’s still making music, though they’ve been threatening to split up for the past 3 or so years. that’s okay — sometimes a split is the better way. after so many years, just the 2 of them, i would imagine they want to explore things solo. and so far i love their solo projects. the love below and speakerboxxx was the first taste of what they do apart. and i am a huge fan of big boi’s got purp. big boy has more of a jagged edge. he’s the real ATL, and i really love that. i’m not huge into the atlanta sound for the most part because so much of it is shit. but outkast … i could listen to them all the live-long day. they are innovators. they are artists in the true sense of the word and despite their huge commercial success they have not lost what makes them special. looking forward for the new album to drop in august. it’s almost a full year late at this point.

as for ‘right now’ i really dig danger doom (another danger mouse production) and wu tang’s semi-recent think differently music.


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  1. Lost

    I’m soooo with you.

    I can appreciate the “pop” hip-hop or even some dirrty south hip-hop, but Kanye West (despite ALL of the hype and write-ups he got) isn’t all that. He’s somewhat innovative and he isn’t wearing pants down to his ankles, rather he’s polished and spiffy, but it took me quite a bit to understand why he was on the cover of “Newsweek” about a year ago.

    I do like that “Golddigger” jam tho.

    And a high-five for bring up Wu-Tang. Man! I almost forgot about them!

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