TODAY’S SHOCKER: Man Chubbs Get Thumbs Up

“Man Flab, It’s Fab”
By Sara Vilkomerson
The New York Observer
June 22, 2006

  • If you are trying to get the biggest audience, then you’re looking for the everyman …
  • Plus there’s no denying that there is an added sexiness to a man who knows how to enjoy himself, be it with food, wine or women.
  • Guys who are all puffed out, they strike me as insecure people. They’re like peacocks with their feathers in full bloom, and that just seems like way too much.
  • The East Village is full of those guys who are 25 years old and 95 pounds. You want to say, ‘Eat a sandwich!’

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    2 responses to “TODAY’S SHOCKER: Man Chubbs Get Thumbs Up

    1. Kate

      I don’t even know where to fucking begin with this article. So all I really have to say is, they gave the last word to a 21-year-old who is afraid of sweat getting on her during sex. Mmkay.

    2. spillah

      I love it when the fashion world reveals themselves as the lobotomized coke monkeys they are.

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