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i hate dane cook

douchebag says what?


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sign o the times

on encore wam. so fuckin’ fabulous. the get ups, the vibe.

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soy un perdedor …

when i do the blog rounds sometimes and see that none of my blogfriends have posted, and then i do them again in a few hours, or days sometimes. tumbleweeds roll by. i get the creeping feeling that i am a big L. i imagine everyone off having a fantastic, interesting life while i, nerdus maximus, am home alone, lording over my computer screen in sweatpants, flanked by my cat.


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1. It’s Nasty — Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
2. Eric B. For President — Eric B. and Rakim
3. Ain’t No Half Steppin’ — Big Daddy Kane
4. People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul — James Brown
5. Hot Pants — James Brown
6. Hollywood Swinging — Kool & The Gang
7. Flashlight — Parliament
8. Erotic City — Prince
9. Buddy — De La Soul Featuring The Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip
10. Vibes And Stuff — A Tribe Called Quest
11. His Name Is Mutty Ranks — A Tribe Called Quest
12. Duck Down! — The Roots
13. Silent Treatment — The Roots
14. Elevators (ONP 86 Mix) — Outkast
15. Spottieottiedopaliscious — Outkast

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thanks spill

took me a while to get through this entire article. i feel it’s an important read for anyone (like myself) who’s felt guilty or inadequate for not falling in line with the traditional script of marrying young and cranking out kiddies. society casts us as selfish, sad workaholics who lack true meaning in our lives because we haven’t settled down and started families. that is such a whopping crock of shit. true: not all career chicks are fulfilled (though some are). but by the same token — as this article and the urbanbaby message boards painfully chronicle — neither are all mommies (though, again, some are). point is, it’s an individual experience.

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a window onto my world …

Speechwriters and other corporate assets are predictably evaluated based on the Pareto principle. You’re judged for 80% of your performance on 20% of the work that you do. That’s why you have to drop everything and surrender to indentured servitude when strategy meetings, earnings, and other special events come up. Those times are stressful and not for the faint of heart or thin of skin. But if you can get through them, the rest of the time you get to just chill, read the papers (tabloids even!), watch CNBC, take online classes. It is a very cool thing to get paid to constantly learn.

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