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The E! channel will debut a 1-hour special tonight on the lives of women married to Hip-Hop celebrities titled Hip-Hop Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story. The wives of Hip-Hop celebrities such as Ice-T (Coco), Russell Simmons (Kimora Lee Simmons), Sean “Diddy” Combs (Kim Porter), Snoop Dogg (Shante Broadus) and others are featured in the special, which details the lives of the first ladies of Hip-Hop. “If he does something foolish, I’m not having it,” Snoop’s wife tells the cameras. “The perks of being married to Snoop Dogg? I have a beautiful white Range Rover, beautiful jewels, but most of all, my three beautiful children: Corde, Cordell and Cori.” The show premiers tonight (July 9) at 8pm, with encores July 12 at 8pm, July 16 at 1pm, July 17 at 8pm and July 22 at 8pm.



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3 responses to “tivo alert

  1. spillah

    I had a real live mogul interaction today!

    I was in a crowd singing soccer songs in Little Italy. The group migrated to someone who had pulled their car over to hoist an Italian flag into the air (post-win, of course).

    The car was a Rolls.

    The flag-hoister, P. Diddy.

    I shit you not.

  2. Lost


    I actually was scrolling thru the guide function on my t.v last night and saw that this was on!

    I almost had to watch it, then…like I got sucked into watching the last 30 mins of “Million Dollar Baby” (which is HEARTBREAKING) before I tuned into “Entourage”.

    Must TIVO this wives of hip-hop. Is it me? Or does anyone else find Kimora Lee Simmons to look like a drag queen???

  3. colleen

    no, it’s not just you LOST.


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