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Overheard in a Conference Room

HONCHO 1: (reading off a script): ” … and returning value to shareholders through dividends and equity shrinkage”

HONCHO 2: “Shrinkage? Is that what happens to the stock when it’s cold?”


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this is enlightening too

this is enlightening too

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future think

I am writing a couple of pretty heady speeches right now about new media and technology and entertainment and deep shit like that and it’s a so goddamned exciting.

A sign that I am using my energies in the right place at the right time, methinks.

I keep thinking in crazy sci-fi mode. Minority Report style, but it’s more fun and alive, less sinister and sterile. In my mental version, we are all going to get to do a lot of cool, dreamy shit in the very near future, and do it together.

I am reading this book called JUICE: THE CREATIVE FUEL THAT DRIVES WORLD CLASS INVENTIONS. It’s nothing that special, but still its got me pumped up. One of the greatest things a person can be in this life is an inventor. It’s the height of humanity ─ to create something new, that makes things better, or fills a gap, or helps society evolve. The same can be said of art.


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jolly ol — here i come!

yeah — booked my trip to london to see beeth, peter and charlie-kins. first week of october. cannot wait!

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morning beat

1. YOU’VE HEARD OF ROAD RAGE … there’s also the lesser-known road runner’s rage. runners are an odd lot. most of the real runners i know (self included) are trying to pound out some kind of existential problem each day on the pavement. or wherever it is they run. when they feel compelled to cut in front of a fellow runner right after passing him or her, despite having a vast expanse of available space to move in and no real reason to cut in front other than to say: “Hey you, I am faster than you. In your face!”, they are afflicted with road runner rage.

2. POWER WALKERS often have something to prove too. It’s pretty funny. With each joust of the arms they seem to be saying “SEE, this IS real tough exercise. Runners, you ain’t all that.”

3. “STOP SCREAMING, YOU’RE BURNING A HOLE IN MY EAR DRUM!” whined an effiminate man to his giant barking pooch. He also had a mini pooch, and was walking them both together, much to my amusement.


For all the finger-pointing this week, Congress hasn’t spent much more than a dime to clear away the debris of corruption, patronage, welfare dependency, high taxes and racial division of decimated neighborhoods. What is still lacking in the life of New Orleans is the vital architecture of local capitalism.


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the best part about speed dating:

the speed.

it is not a sport for well adjusted, hot people who could date more but just tend not to for whatever reason. it’s more for people who are shy, isolated, and odd and who can’t get a date otherwise.

before we went, LOST said “it’s either going to be funny or just sad.” and in my typical tony robbins response, i was like: “think positive, it will be hilarious.”

LOST was right. There were a lot of chinos in the house. And hip-mounted cell phones. Need I say more?

Still, it was good practice for schmoozing. I talked with a bunch of weird guys, all kinds of types. I resolved that I am a damned good conversationalist. I managed to send each of them off feeling good about themselves after our 6 minute chats. Tony would be proud.

Also, I liked the venue. It’s close to my apartment … cool lounge and good music. I’d go back.

But most significantly, LOST and I had a fun night together. Six minutes with a bunch of innocuous dorks is definitely worth that.


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we think this is funny

“ludicrously tasty.” love it. beth sent me this piece of a cereal box she discovered in london, where she’s living right now (and where I plan to visit in October — yeah!). when we lived in rome one of our favorite sports was finding funny signs, odd translations and things of that sort. mostly we loved the international signs … stick people. the all-time classic was the one in the vatican telling you not to walk on the newly-washed stairs. it had a stick figure person totally eating it down a flight of stairs with a circle and line through it.

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