and the beat goes on …

Thanks for your concern about my family. Not much has changed there. I continue to wish for better times for everyone. Real life has a way of humbling me, and of bringing me back down to earth when I lose perspective.

Though I do it anyway to earn a living, ensure my independence, stimulate my brain and lend structure to my days, in the big picture, my bullshit corporate hamster treading doesn’t really matter that much. Unless I need or want it to. Right now, I am not sure what role it’s playing.

All I know is that I can relate to the guys in Gitmo. And accountants, analysts, corporate lawyers, writers with impossible deadlines, and new parents. Running on fumes, with almost no sleep for days on end. Eating weirdly. Both my mind and body being all dazed and funked out.

Fortunately, we had our earnings call this morning so much of my stress is alleviated. Still a few more days of crunch time to go, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was talking to Beth about it last night and we agreed that I am acting within my nature. I have been a workaholic since I was a little girl. At least now I am doing work I love and can see a real future in.


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