“Who the f*** is this/ Paging me at five forty-six in the mornin’/ Crack of dawn/ Now I’m yawning.”

“Oh, car service? Thanks, I’ll be right downstairs.”

The cheddar, the cheez, stacking that paper. EARNINGS! Always tiring, and disorienting. But it’s over and now I am focusing on the marathon on Sunday.

Yes, I am running. While I have been wishy washy on it this year, undecided over the past few weeks as to whether I am really up to the task, I’ve decided to go for it.

Not because I need to prove anything to anyone, but because I really enjoy the experience of running through all the different neighborhoods of my beloved hometown, and just being a part of the event.

Spectators are so funny and supportive. They blast the Rocky theme and A Flock of Seagulls out of their brownstones and hold up signs that say things like: “I DIG ATHLETIC CHICKS.”

Runners bust out some pretty wacky stuff too. Costumes and whatnot. And they come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. It’s incomparably democratic. What other sport lets rabble amateurs share the playing field with the professional elite?

This year my goal is to enjoy the experience and not bust my knee. I am allowed to walk. I am allowed to quit if I feel like it. This is the new COL, who lets herself enjoy her life.

What a concept!



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4 responses to ““Who the f*** is this/ Paging me at five forty-six in the mornin’/ Crack of dawn/ Now I’m yawning.”

  1. Lost

    go on with yo’bad ass self!

  2. Anonymous

    I’ll see you at mile 21. Unless you decide you don’t want to run all the way to mile 21. Which would also be awesome.

  3. colleen

    woo hoo! thanks sistas. i said no spectators needed BUT … you can watch me online (kind of)!


    My race # is F8960

    It costs 4.99 and lets you see video of me in 3 different places.

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