river’s edge — dyamit!!!

oh, the incredible joys of online video. all these little gems lodged in my mind get to come out and breathe and live again with a simple click. which brings me to crispin glover’s brill performance in the cult classic, river’s edge. man, were we ever obsessed with this movie freshman year of college. i recall making a quiz about it and administering it to a select few in knott hall. once a nerd, always a nerd. i highly reccommend checking out the whole thing. but at a minimum, you’ve got to check out this OTT performance, one of very many in the film which also stars keanu reeves, ione skye, dennis hopper.



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2 responses to “river’s edge — dyamit!!!

  1. Kate

    Oh, man. Watched that 1,000 times in high school. Awesome.

  2. colleen

    so glad you share the delight. my favorite part is when keanu and crispin are speeding down the dark highway in that ridiculous jacked up beetle and keanu says something crispin (lane) isn’t down with and lane slams on the breaks and is like: “GET OUT.” it is so supremely OTT.

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