my 5th ipod

first was a mini. a gift. i was instantly head over heels. mesmerized. it was a different world when i walked to work every day. the streets were mine, and i was happy. but it crapped out in just over a year. right after the warrantee ran out. just like that — it was over.

i wanted another. once you go ipod, you can never go sans. and being a masochist, afraid to let myself feel good, i waited about 6 months. then i met video ipod. unbridled lust ensued. wasn’t just dumb luck this time … a delight that was just dropped on me. i chose this one myself: black and sleek, video screen, 4 gb — all that space! engraved with my motto: “dance while you can.” and i danced.

things were going nicely. friends and associates beamed, wanted one of their own. it all seemed so natural, so pure. it was a beautiful seven months. and then i got careless. i left it at a holiday inn at the jersey shore, never to be seen again. don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone? ugh.

i became gunshy. afraid to commit again. so i waited a few weeks and settled on a shuffle. sixty bucks meant low risk, not much on the line. no, i couldn’t cart all my faves around everywhere. i couldn’t watch chapelle standup. but was that really necessary? certainly not. utilitarian was the way to go, i was sure. a shuffle, it was.

it broke the first day i had it. took it on a long run, sweated a lot, it got wet, and it broke. the very first time! you get back what you put in, no?

returned it, got a store credit. and a week later my boss gave me another shuffle. it lasted from august to november. got soaked and expired when i ran the marathon. it just couldn’t go the distance.

that’s okay, i decided. why mourn? i got online the next morning and ordered me a new shuffle. the little clip one. it’s amazing! 1 GB, 240 songs, 80 bucks. once again engraved with my motto.

this time, though i am acutely aware — it’s not the only ipod in the sea. there will be another ipod. and another after that. the lesson in all of this is that it is better to have ipodded and lost than not to have ipodded at all.


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One response to “my 5th ipod

  1. Lost

    Holy minatures, Batman! That thing is small!

    I have a shuffle and I clearly have not been sweating enough or working out hard enough! My has little glitches to it….when I use it a lot. I’ve had it for about a yr now

    I’m lusting after the video IPod right now. You were the one who turned me on to it when you showed me yours! I’m thinking of getting it in the next few weeks to take to on my trip to Asia in Dec!

    My bro has been thru a few, too….good thing is that they just keep getting cooler and cooler, so we’ll inevitabley have to keep upgrading!

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