Vegas baby’ vegas

HELLO ladies and germs. My bloggereticence this week has been due to an impending trip to Vegas and the speechapalooza that’s bringing me there.

I’ve had a Gitmoish week, and find myself typing this post on my bberry (or dbberry, depending how you see it) in the car on my way to JFK.

 I am lucky to benefit from the Vegas wisdom of Kate (Pointless Incessant under "I Dig") and her consort Cynical Girl. Not to mention that of Christine, owner of the fabulous NYC pad I currently call home. Both of whom were introduced to me by beloved Spillah.

SO I will be running around like a madladythe next coupla days, interacting with legions of tech nerds at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

BTW the speech I wrote and all of this recent madness inspired me to rewatch the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Attack of the Clones premiere clip from Conan. You can find it thru a Google search … Its on a site called "Milk and Cookies." I swear I can watch that thing a million times and never tire of it. Robert Smigel is positively on fire.

Well have a great weekend, will try to find the time to post from Vivalas. The prime directive beckons…
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2 responses to “Vegas baby’ vegas

  1. Kate

    Ooh, have fun! Christine told us about the consumer electronics show, and we might have to go for that instead of Christmas next year.

    Definitely go for drinks at Mix. And put a dollar in a slot machine for me.

  2. Lost

    Have fun in Vegas!! Enjoy some of the gluttonous craziness at least for a little!

    I love that video of Triumph the Insult Dog at the Star Wars 3 premiere. I agree..I never get sick of it and laugh my ass off every single time. Almost as good as the chinese guys who lipsynch to “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys.


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