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fyi: sounds cool

The H&M High Line Festival – a new festival of music, performance, film, comedy and visual art that will be curated each year by a different world-class artist. David Bowie, a co-founder of the festival, is curating the inaugural season to be held May 9th — 19th along New York City’s Westside.

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Barry Diller on the media

The Financial Times (
March 28 2007 18:07 | Last updated: March 28 2007 18:07

“First of all, predictions aren’t worth the price of the paper they’re not written on, and certainly not by me, but I have a little bit of news which is that I think that big, vertically integrated media conglomerates, over time, and I do not mean in the next couple of years, will be seen to be inefficient models, and it is only the very rare one that is driven dictatorially and autocratically by a genius, and we have one today, I think. I think, other than that, they just make no sense. They’re impossible to manage, and they’re inefficient, and as the world becomes more specialized I think that they will get efficiency through disaggregation.”

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can’t wait: tonight on spike

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this one’s for you, steve

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a new kind of honcho

The Edelman Trust Barometer shows that while business trust is rising, CEO’s, as a class, aren’t as highly trusted. Only 18% of opinion leaders in Europe’s three largest economies and 22% in the US trust CEOs. The lesson for CEOs might be that the right style for this decade is low-key, substantive, and respectful, with esteem earned by achievement of goals and articulation of purpose that inspires instead of intimidates. To me Obama is a good example of that approach. That is not to say that down the road he will not make mistakes but we can learn from that too.
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you think you know, but you have no idea. this is the counsciousness of a douchebag


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