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i installed the hard drive and everything else all by myself!
i got the internet back, finally after a whole goddamned week.
doing the dance of joy here at 2 a.m.



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the hottest snoop dogg update EVER

The global movements of Snoop Dogg, one of the giants of hip-hop, were limited further when the Australian immigration minister barred him from the country. His “string of convictions” and often-mentioned gang membership were said to be pushing the limits of Australia’s “character test.” One commenter, no doubt alluding to the “significant risk that the person will engage in criminal conduct” clause of the character test for admission to the country, was incredulous: “Does anyone actually believe Snoop’s coming here to cause any trouble? Gang bang with the Sydney Crips?”

April 26, 2007, 8:35 am
The Anti-Snoop Dogg Axis
By Mike Nizza,

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hell hath no fury like a seal bull scorned

Sorenson says that soon after the bull first appeared, he tried unsuccessfully to mate with the (much smaller) female harbor seals. Then, last year, after trying again to mate, he turned violent and began to kill. This year, he is staying around well past his usual departure date at the end of March, and now has started to consume his kills.

2,500-pound ‘Nibbles’ bit a surfer and a dog and has killed at least a dozen harbor seals

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go alanis

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Busted and disgusted

Friends and lovelies, please pardon my electronic reticence and kindly email me at my work address until further notice. My home computer is broken. It makes a clacking noise and the message says something about a boot drive that can’t be located. Bummer. I haven’t called Dell Support yet ─ plan to do that tomorrow when I get some free time. In the meantime, I feel impotent.

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happy BEETHday!

holy shit, B. it was 14 years ago today that we sat around in that completely white hotel room in munich watching the waco thing go down on CNN. wacky! love ya. xoxo


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my latest production

the trailer for mary jane clark’s forthcoming suspense novel, when day breaks.

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