dudes come and go …

but friends and family are always there. thank god for that. i took the high road in the earlier post and sounded all zen and collected but to be completely honest, i am bummin’. in fact couldn’t sleep again, sick to my stomach, etc. it’s normal, i know. and if it didn’t hurt at all then there’d be something pretty wrong with me. being hurt and breaking up with someone you really liked is always tough, whether you’re 16 or 31. on a positive note, i’ve been flooded with sweet emails from just about everyone. and some not so sweet … deliciously brutal in fact. heh, i know it’s graceless of me to mention it, but fuck it. it’s wonderful in times like these to have smart/writer loyal/protective friends to get angry for me and nurse my wounded ego back to health. that SO rules. so do flowers. i bought myself the most gorgeous peonies on my way home from work tonight. and here’s the bouquet that showed up in my gmail today.


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One response to “dudes come and go …

  1. kate

    Col, I’m just catching up on your blog… sorry to hear the news! You’re right, dudes definitely come and go. He may have seemed like a good one but the best is yet to come!! You deserve nothing but the best. Hope you’re feeling better. Can’t wait to see you! love you! Cuz Kate

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