the upside in lost ipods

last summer I brought my new video ipod to the jersey shore the weekend of my friend alex’s wedding. Regrettably, I left it in the holiday inn there, never to been seen again.

I was reluctant to get another. So instead I coughed up $69 bucks for a shuffle. It broke the very day I got it. A few days later, my boss gave me another one and it lasted for about 3 months before it, too, broke down during the marathon.

As a gift to myself after the race, I bought a new shuffle – the kind with the built in clip. Limited functionality, but cute and perfect for running and working out. It’s served me pretty well. The main downfall is that it can’t act as a hard drive to carry all of my music back and forth to work the way my video iPod used to.

A couple of weeks ago, my hard drive at home melted down. I lost everything … email addresses, documents, pictures. Most worrisome, however, was the loss of thousands of songs I picked up in the early Napster days, plus hundreds of dollars worth of legally-purchased iTunes songs.

It would cost close to $500 to have the data from my hard drive restored, and annoyingly Apple doesn’t give people duplicate files. My home computer is now outfitted for illegal downloading, but it’s a pain in the ass to spend the time searching. Plus, the selection isn’t that great and it takes a long-ass time to download stuff.

The good news is, most of my favorites are on CDs here at the office! When I lost my video ipod last summer, I started burning CDs of my favorite albums and bringing them to work to play/load them up on my office compie. Been at it for close to a year now, so I have a good chunk of it here by now … most of my faves. Now all I have to do is import them.

From this I take 2 lessons. First: back up your hard drive. Second: sometimes what seems to be a setback can turn out helping you later on.

Speaking of music, last night I watched Music and Lyrics. I love sappy romantic comedies, and Drew. And Hugh’s a lovable fop. This one was fun because of the whole music thing. Plus Drew plays a quirky writer who has that sophisticated bohemian look that I aspire to — it was a fun escape to fancy myself in that role.


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