to everything turn, turn, turn

coming off one of the craziest, busiest, most personal and work-stress filled months in recent history. did i tell you? the shareholder and board meetings that i labored over for months went off swimmingly.

during the onsite run-through on tuesday, in which we test all of the audio and visial elements, make sure the cues are just right and everyone knows the number, the production people asked ME to be the CEO’s stand in.

i put on my best voice-coaching voice and delivered the speech as if I were the CEO. everyone was telling me how great i sounded… that if our honcho got sick then i could deliver it. that made me happy. i want to start changing the perception about me that i’m strictly a behind the scenes person. i can do a lot more. the question for me continues to be — do i WANT to? guess i’ll figure it out in time. patience.

and until then, here’s to memorial day weekend bbq’s and cute new dresses:

aretha gives it a once over, and approves:

summer at last!



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3 responses to “to everything turn, turn, turn

  1. Kate Harding

    LOVE the dress! And Aretha! And the thought of you emerging from behind the scenes!

  2. colleen

    kate & CG,

    re: me emerging from behind the scenes. i know i will, just not sure exactly how yet. thanks for caring!

    CG — i took a class with a chick named ita olsen. she is eccentric, and great. here’s the web site:

    think you can work with them remotely. but if i recall correctly it’s pricey. my old company paid.

    anyways, maybe we can get a drink tho next time you’re in town. gimme a shout!

  3. i am really proud of you col! You had it in you all along! yeah, i just read this blog for the first time. btw i’ll be in ny the week of the 16th; if you’re around let’s get a drink.

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