col to the blondes: i DO!

Ask The Blondes — “More Wedding Season Advice: For the Couples” June 11, 2007

“Look, no matter how small your wedding is and how good your intentions are, you are not going to get to hang out with your friends much on the big day. So if you invite single friends who won’t know many other people in the crowd, and you deny them the security blanket of a guest, you’re just being plain mean. It is hard enough to be a single person at a big ol’ lovefest in the first place; being dateless just reinforces that you are on your own in so many ways — and that’s on top of having to pay for a hotel and rental car, where applicable, all by yourself. Going stag can be an expensive and demoralizing endeavor, and no couple should put a friend in that position over the cost of a plate of food. Remember, your marriage only has a 50% chance of lasting; your friends, if you treat them well, will be around forever.”


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  1. Mr. Scrubby

    We do backatyou!

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