dan the man

he’s touring with the white stripes. bravo!



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5 responses to “dan the man

  1. Cynical Girl

    I just watched ‘me, you & everyone we know’ because I couldn’t wait to order the book & have it delivered via Amazon.

    I should have waited. I feel like I missed something.

  2. colleen

    no, you didn’t miss anything. it just didn’t speak to you. art’s like that. i think i prefer my love stories to be opaque.

    it’s been a while since i saw the film but i recall identifying with the two terribly awkward main characters. i think of myself as terribly awkward in similar ways. also, that little boy is the cutest.

    along the lines of verisimilitude, i just watched ‘flannel pajamas.’ really good human story. sad, though.

  3. colleen

    by the way, i love that you’re using the comments section as a way to just generally speak to me — that it has nothing to do with dan the man. you thought it and you responded. love that.

  4. Cynical Girl

    I’m not very linear in the comments section. Also, I’m going for low-brow on Saturday afternoon and will watch Shaolin Soccer as it just arrived via Netflix. Flannel PJs are next.

    And that picture of you is what’s smokin. For true.

  5. COL

    Shaolin Soccer? i just looked it up and added it to my queue. sounds fab.!

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