my kind of fantasy man

OMG, my eyes started tearing when i saw the cover of this month’s inteview magazine. daniel craig, the smokin’est man alive. look at that bicep. i want to bite it. crying!!



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6 responses to “my kind of fantasy man

  1. Cynical Girl

    Oh Jesus Lord Amen Praise Be.

  2. Lost


  3. COL

    he makes me feel like a natural woman

  4. karin

    oh my god! it can’t be real! he is so sexy!

  5. Psycotically Lusting

    He’s too sexy to NOT be in my bed right now. haha. He is my lover…He doesn’t know it, but he is… Trust me!! Agh I want to S.U.C.K H.I.S N.E.C.K. I think i made my point. HOT!

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