can i see the gold ones in an eight and a half?



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4 responses to “can i see the gold ones in an eight and a half?

  1. Lost

    Priceless! Where did you find that pic?

    Something tells me that the set that wears Tori Burch, may not “get” that style, if it were real…

  2. COL

    i photoshopped it myself … the minute i saw those shoes last summer i thought of wu tang. but being the non-fashionable gal that i am i didn’t know the brand name until i saw an ad for them in yesterday’s nytimes.

    wu tang shoes ain’t nothing to fuck with

  3. Lost

    I just read that Tory Burch (the designer) is dating Lance Armstrong! I don’t know why I find that odd. Maybe b/c he was with Sheryl for so long and now a sort of Hamptons influenced clothing designer? From a rock star?

  4. COL

    a friend of a friend (can’t remember who) met lance at a charity thing and he was putting on the full court press. she was like “dude, i have a bf and i live in the midwest” but he kept text messaging her and asking her when they can meet up again. and who could forget that rampage he went on with matt mcconaughey — hitting the clubs in miami, picking up different chicks every night (oh page six, i love thee). you can never tell what the real person is like just from one’s media image, but i get the feeling lance loves ALL the ladies.

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