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INTERVIEW (the movie) ─ Lost and I saw this a couple of weeks ago. Written & directed by Steve Buscemi who co-stars with Sienna Miller. It was thoughtful. Talked about the toxicity of media and celebrity culture, and how it ravages individuals who get caught up in it. Man, Sienna Miller makes me feel like a dog. I want to look like her, with gold bangles on my arm and a cool black tattoo on my shoulder. Hideous envy ─ ravaging me right now!

INTERVIEW (the magazine) ─ Have been a big fan of this magazine for years. The August edition is a music issue. Dream! Jack & Meg White are on the cover. The interview with them is interesting. But the best 2 articles by far are Ingrid Sischy’s interview with Elton John on the state of music and Judd Apatow interviewing Paul Rudd, which is totally, totally hilarious. The Adam Sandler interview of Andy Samberg disappoints, and who the hell gives a shit about Akon. Didn’t anyone tell them Common has a new album out this month? I guess they didn’t it see on display in Starbucks (?!). But overall, it’s still one of the best publications out there … I give it a strong BUY rating.

JESUS CAMP ─ Almost done watching this documentary. I serialize my DVD viewership ─ I can’t seem to concentrate enough to watch movies in one sitting. The film definitely advances a point of view: that Evangelical Christians are ambitious, dangerous zealots. At the same time it does this gracefully, giving you a window into the daily realities and motivations of the followers, why they choose that path, how they truly believe that they are helping people, saving America. Still, makes me want to head out to Missouri and bring those poor kids some good music that tells them not to be automatons and believe everything their parents say.

CLARK & MICHAEL ─ I’m a fan of this little web show. I just love the fun, dorky humor. Also, I get a sick thrill from the reference to their media parent. Which actually makes them my cousins. (Ravaging again?)

QUESTLOVE AT HIRO ─ Ash and I went to this show on Saturday night. There was such a crazy collection of people there, which was cool. Like, a Japanese businessman with two 60-something Betty-Friedan looking ladies wearing shawls and Merrell’s. What? He played all the classics, many songs near and dear to my heart like Eric Sermon’s Marvin Gaye tribute, “Music.” Early in the night one of the guys who helped open the show said something about “let’s respect women,” “we all come from women,” but by midnight there were 2 scantily clad ladies swinging from the ceiling. And by 2 a.m. there was a mostly naked chick flanking the stage, whipping all the dudes in the room up into an animalistic frenzy. Huh? We left shortly thereafter.



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harry potter would have been put to death!

said the evangelical youth minister, Pastor Becky Fischer, in the highly disturbing documentary, “Jesus Camp.”


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that’s one crazy ass game show


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homemade sexy movie

starring my gorgeous dear friend and a few random lusty italians. got your attention? good. go here to get this true story.

and for some reading reccs, check this out.

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why it’s a red flag

when someone you’re dating doesn’t want to meet your friends and family:

To create true and lasting bonds with another, we must be willing to accept what they bring to our lives as well as opening our lives to them. Too often we want to bring someone into our world to keep us company, but are not willing to be a part of their world in return. If we truly love someone then it is important to discover who they are and what has contributed to making them the person they have become.

daily om


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Comedy & Tragedy: Act 3

Girl: Hey, what’s up?
Guy: S.O.S.
Girl: Same ol, same ol.
Guy: Another day, another dollar.
Girl: So now we talk about nothing?
Guy: Huh?
Girl: C’mon.
Guy: Huh?
Girl: The play, the play. Don’t you care about it?
Guy: I thought we were done with that.
Girl: All the world’s a stage, hon. It’s never done. Continue reading

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the resident expert on … everything

Subject: Jargon du Jour: Armchair general – Jargon du Jour

July 27th, 2007: Armchair general (n.)

Someone who speaks critically, but has no experience in the field in

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