michael cera on his cell phone outside of the union square theater around 7:30. maybe there for some superbad press/screening?



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4 responses to “gawker.col

  1. I thought I should tell you two things:

    1. Michael Cera is my boy crush.
    2. Hands off.

  2. col

    1. he reminds me of all the hilarious nerdy boys i was BFF with in grammar school — jacob, barry jason. they were ahead of their time — truly hysterical.
    2. he’s all yours laurie …
    3. but daniel craig belongs to me!

  3. Hes ours BITCHAA!

    haha. Jkjk

    michael ur amazinggglyyyy HOTTT AND SEXYYY! fuck ya motherfuckersss.

  4. i have never been so starstruck. soo dank i would do unforgivable things to get with michael cera

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