What about Bob?

I heard about Bob Lefsetz from a guy I went on a few dates with. The relationship went nowhere, but he led me to Bob and for that I am thankful. Bob is an angry man. He rages against conformity, stupidity, hypocrisy and the vast corporate machinery that tries to force feed us shitty music (and all kinds of lame products). Roughly one third of Bob’s emails begin with the words: “What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where …” I love that. On occasion he takes a conservative bent – getting caught in nostalgia for the glory days of his youth when music was “pure.” But you can’t fault him for that. We all have pasts.

Posh Spice Must Die” — the post that inspired me to write this post. An excerpt: “Do me a favor L.A. ‘Times’. Next time, just print a picture of a hanger, that’s all Posh Spice is.”

Wallstrip’s dramatic interpretation of Bob’s 11/28/06 email about the Toyota Scion.



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3 responses to “What about Bob?

  1. kate

    Hah! That was good. i have to admit i watched the Posh Spice thing on TV.

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