sort of obsessed

With Pandora. I’ve played around with and Mog but I find Pandora’s system to be much much easier to use. Also I don’t care about the whole social networking aspect of those other sites. I just want to hear a mix of commercial-free music that I like. Pandora seems to provide that. I am taking a lot of time to rate songs (thumbs up/down) so as to make the system smarter. In general the selection seems to be decent (not great, but good and definitely better than broadcast radio and, unlike satellite, it’s FREE!), though I have noticed a bunch of repeats (to which I instantly replied “do not play this again for a month”). CLICK HERE to check out my stations so far (still working on them).



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2 responses to “sort of obsessed

  1. I’m a lot obsessed with Pandora!

  2. sara

    i, too, am obsessed with pandora but i had heard that the courts were going to close them down this summer but they seem to be alive and kicking! whew.

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