soundtrack for the disgruntled

laurie tagged me to put together a soundtrack of my experience in corporate america. in general, i’m not disgruntled. i have a sweet position where i get to pretty much do whatever i want and am occasionally called upon to crank out some highly impersonal, highly intelligent words about the financial and strategic doings of a mega corporation. the work itself is easy and i get along great with my boss. plus there’s a lot of downtime in which i get to do this blog and focus my creative energies elsewhere. yet from time to time i do have to cop a suit and go to boring ass meetings attended by sniveling ass kissers. i try to keep quiet, fly under the radar. it seems to work. but i still feel for my less fortunate colleagues in corporate america. and for them, i present this list (kind of like my own twist on the office space soundtrack):

1. Slave ─ The Rolling Stones
2. Short People ─ Randy Newman
3. C.R.E.A.M ─ Wu-Tang Clan
4. Bang on the Drum ─ Todd Rundgren
5. The Harder THEY Come ─ Jimmy Cliff
6. I Ain’t Goin Out Like That─ Cypress Hill
7. Thrasher ─ N.E.R.D.
8. It’s All About the Benjamins ─ Puff Daddy & the Family
9. Chain Gang ─ Sam Cooke
10. Hair of the Dog ─ Nazareth



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5 responses to “soundtrack for the disgruntled

  1. Oh hells yeah. Special props for Cypress Hill, which is a nice touch.

  2. thanks woman. i kind of ignored the directions, but followed the spirit, i think. the best song is on the office space soundtrack “shove this Jay oh bee” by cannabis and biz markie. cannabis has a line “take this job ans shove it right between your buttocks.” full lyrics here:

  3. Oh dude I LOVE office space. best workplace movie ever. What the hell do you do for a living, if you don’t mind my asking?

  4. laurie: insane in the membrane.
    geek of all trades: cool blog. to answer your ?, i’m a hack. a corporate writer for hire. mostly speeches — earnings, board of directors, media industry events. it’s pretty cool, actually. not that hard, hours aren’t too bad, and i get to save my best juice for outside pursuits, read a lot and fuck around on the web most days.

  5. also thought of another one — Guns N’ Roses cover of Live and Let Die.

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