BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Live From a Hawaiian Poonani

hawaii.gifKM Communications Inc. of Skokie, Illinois, is building a new low-power digital television station in Wailuku, Maui. They applied to the FCC for new call letters and were granted permission to use “KUNT.”

They didn’t even realize there was a problem until a local reporter gave them a querulous call.

KM Vice President Kevin Bae slapped his forehead, groaned, and said, “This is extremely embarrassing for me and my company, and we will file to change those call letters immediately.”

An FCC spokesperson said assignment of call letters is an automated process. New licensees use the FCC website to request and receive call letters with no oversight.



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4 responses to “BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Live From a Hawaiian Poonani

  1. Felicia

    Hilarious! If they can’t change their call letters maybe they can just change their format.

  2. indeed, the Na Na News!

  3. nwo

    This is rich! I’m picturing the KUNT-mobile doing live breaking news, and the KUNT-copter watching the traffic. I’d stay awake for the KUNT News at 11!

  4. I’ve lived in Skokie, and it generates plenty of KUNTs.

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