that’s one crazy ass game show



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5 responses to “that’s one crazy ass game show

  1. From the people who brought you manga & anime…

  2. oh yes, as spill just pointed out, this is what happens in an extremely repressive culture …
    the respondent art and entertainment culture becomes zany & bizarre. i love all kinds of wackiness, so naturally the Japanese are high up there on my list of loves.

  3. Ummm, the video no longer works. Sad.

  4. col

    very sad. i have thought about taking it down, but that image alone still gives me a chuckle.

    basically it had teams of 2 dudes, all wearing singlets, competing against eachother in which the penalty for getting a trivia question wrong was that the exposed asshole of one of the men (there was a large patch cut out on the back of the singlet) was moved closer and closer to the face of his partner.

    one of the guys farted in his partner’s face … the partner started gagging.

    in the end his butthole was pushed right up against his partner’s face.

    though my description does not do it justice, anyone with an 8-year old comedic sensibility would appreciate it.

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