why it’s a red flag

when someone you’re dating doesn’t want to meet your friends and family:

To create true and lasting bonds with another, we must be willing to accept what they bring to our lives as well as opening our lives to them. Too often we want to bring someone into our world to keep us company, but are not willing to be a part of their world in return. If we truly love someone then it is important to discover who they are and what has contributed to making them the person they have become.

daily om



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2 responses to “why it’s a red flag

  1. kristina

    hey hon,

    thanks for your thoughts on my latest rayette post. i made the mistake of seeing “sicko” (which was excellent – i’m not a moore sycophant but this is, i think, his best film yet) and it made me angrier than ever at bush & co. hence my rather unmerciful and judging attitudes. bitter, party of one?

    the sentiment from daily om is so true. if only we could perceive these things in the moment. despite any of our disappointments, when you dig someone you always kind of reside in hopeful optimism…i guess that’s a good thing. i would add one note to the above: if the object of your affections takes time to look at the photos on your dresser, that is pretty telling.

  2. Interesting. I keep my husband away from my family — it makes life easier for everyone involved. He’ll make an effort, sure, and it’s the willingness to make an effort that is enough for me. I’m like, thank you, but I’ll do my family alone.

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