loverboy at 3 weeks



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6 responses to “loverboy at 3 weeks

  1. The second one is KILLING ME.

    And you look awesome in the third.

  2. thanks gals. kate i flipped the order to show the killer one first because you can barely see him in the other two. he has red hair and is getting his healthy baby chubbs. i’m in love!

    and thanks for saying i look awesome holding him. it feels oh so natural. i am getting a serious baby jones lately — holding liam and being around him and all my friends’ babies has put my maternal instincts on overdrive.

    didn’t think it would happen to me…. i was all “if i don’t meet someone, i’ll adopt. no problem.”

    no longer the case. the truth is i want to meet someone to share my life & have children with.

    first step is getting a date.

  3. Well, maybe the baby jones is one more step in getting to know yourself, which is one more step in getting the date who’s right for the long term?

  4. yes. it’s true. and i think it was there the whole time, i didn’t want to admit it because i didn’t want to be vulnerable … to want something i might not get. getting older sort of rules — you can drop the pretense and say: yeah, that’s me, that’s what i want and if i don’t get it it will be sad but i’ll live.

  5. kate

    i can’t wait to meet liam! too cute!

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