dear sirius radio,


if i owned your stock, i’d have sold it long ago. here’s why:

i had a full paid subscription early in 2006 (big howard fan).

but i couldn’t get reception in my apartment and you guys would not or could not work with me on a solution.

you weren’t streaming on the web yet, or you were — everything but howard which is what i wanted in the first place.

so i cancelled. and felt like a chump for buying the crappy unusable radio.

adding insult to injury, you proceeded to call and pester me endlessly about coming back …

but over a year has passed and i still miss howard sometimes and my brother & his wife have good reception out in the suburbs so i’ve been able to sample many of your other stations at their house.

my bro, ever the peacemaker, recommended that i give you another chance … sign up to listen online for $7/month. for howard — not for you — i considered it.

i signed up for the 3-day trial.

and, once again, it all went to crap. i can’t log in.

you sent me an email with a username & password. i’m following your instructions to the letter, but i still can’t log in.

you guys seriously blow.




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2 responses to “dear sirius radio,

  1. kashifalvi

    if this really happened then i m sorry for your great lost 😛

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