liam 2 and 4 weeks


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  1. Okay, here are my thoughts:

    1. I totally want to breakdance not hearts.
    2. Baby acne, huh? Kid, welcome to the next 35 years of your life.
    3. Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus!
    4. Aretha is awesome.
    5. Sleepytime is the best time.

  2. col

    Sweet T’s:

    1. Let’s start a breakdancing troupe. or any kind of troupe. i like the sound of that. troupe.
    2. yeah, if only they had proactive solution baby edition. hell, they probably do.
    3. He is such a lovebug, that Gus. You can’t NOT fall in love with him.
    4. Aretha loves you too.
    5. 100% in agreement.

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