DON’T Trust the Man

i want this blog to be about positive things. zen col say: why take the time to ridicule and put shit down when there’s so much in the world to celebrate? competitive col say: ’cause some shit blows and is fun to call out. and it’s fun.

so here i am telling you something you didn’t really need to know about a film that, trust me, you don’t need to see.

i heard negative reviews when it came out. i don’t always agree with critics. plus the film was shot in my neighborhood and stars a lot of fantastic actors: david duchovny, julianne moore, billy crudup, and maggie gyllenhaal, so i thought what the hell, let’s give it a whirl.

it was painfully bad. i don’t know why i kept watching… it was kind of like the train wreck effect. i kept watching to the end to see how much worse it could get. it did not disappoint in that regard.

it was written and directed by moore’s husband, bart freundlich. clearly they are all good friends doing a favor — there’s no other way those a-list actors would participate in such a lame project. julianne is a good wife. for richer, for poorer, and for terrible, terrible movies.


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