Photo #4 DENIED!

breaking news: i have added my profile back to an online dating site. now i need to find a more fun site. i can’t imagine why they turned this photo down. i mean yeah maybe i could use some moisturizer but c’mon!

We’re sorry to inform you that your photo #4 has been denied. The most common reasons are:
* Person other than you in the photo
* Inappropriate content



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6 responses to “Photo #4 DENIED!

  1. kristina

    oh. my. GOD. that is hilarious. the online dating site is indeed no fun for not letting you post this. can’t you add it as one of your photos? i’d love to see the kind of guy who would respond…people who get slapstick tend to be good souls 🙂

  2. I think that looks exactly like you when you’re wearing your crocodile eating a pizza outfit.

  3. col

    thanks for the support. in fact this pic was taken on the boardwalk in point pleasant at the end of a sunny weekend when i forgot my sunblock.

  4. col

    K, thanks for the insight. i always hoped my love for jerry lewis (especially in the film “hollywood or bust”) was a positive reflection on my character.

  5. linda k.

    too bad the crocodile man is no longer with us. maybe he has a brother.

  6. r.i.p. steve irwin. but i think i will stick to my policy of avoiding zealots and their relatives. at least for dating purposes.

    but i DID find a site that allowed me to post this pic after all. love me, love my blonde pizza-eating crocodile pictures is my motto.

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