superbad.jpgwe saw superbad last nite. i enjoyed it, laughed quite a bit. michael cera is an adorable little boy. that shirt. he seems to always be wearing that same health tex shirt. it cracks me up. he’s so earnest and sweet-seeming. i hope he grows into a good man. and in the meantime, he’s capitalizing mightily upon his puppy-dog appeal. both at the bank and, no doubt, with the ladies.

he and his buds remind me of the nerdy guy triumvirate i shared hilarious banter with in grade school: barry, jason and jacob. they were each wicked smart and funny. they recognized the absurdity of childhood and school … how you’re often forced to subordinate yourself to dimwits merely because you’re younger or weaker in some way. they introduced me to the jewish sense of humor, a gestalt that continues to carry me happily through life.

anyways, the movie. the jonah hill character was selfish and whiney, yet clever enough to redeem himself in my eyes. the mclovin thing was fun, though they beat it to death i thought. overall, the movie was about 25 minutes too much. they could have cut out a lot of the cop stuff and still achieved the same thing. as lost pointed out, fast times at ridgemont high was 90 minutes long. it’s self indulgent for any film to run 2 hours these days … and a comedy – come on!



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3 responses to “superbad

  1. If I had to do it all over again, I would marry Michael Cera.

  2. if i could age him 20 years, and provided he didn’t stay frozen in a state of perpetual adolescence, i might wed him too.

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