fair use is a bitch

oh, this is story is great. SO great. law firm nixon peabody had a cheezeball theme song made about team work and that kind of rah rah bullshit. a legal blog posted the mp3. it ended up on youtube and the company was asked to comment. at first they didn’t care, and then they found out a disgruntled ex-employee was the one who leaked it. so they started spinning their wheels, claiming copyright violation, and ordered youtube to remove it (which they did). but the blogworld caught wind of this and it continued spreading. and someone then posted this on youtube.

Fair game for fair use: commentary, parody, limited educational use.

how very very sweet that is. then of course the new york times wrote about it (sweet headline, BTW), and that’s how i heard. click below to see it for yourself.


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One response to “fair use is a bitch

  1. nwo

    Sometimes there just not enough fabric in the world to cover one’s ass. Sweet.

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