you know my steez

suitssuck.jpgkind of like the war between zen col and competitive col, i go back and forth on what i think about suits and professional attire. for the most part, i find that suits are the refuge of unimaginative people … conformists. people who wear them are trying to mask their own personalities and fit into/perpetuate a power structure. that power structure is crumbling before our eyes. people with money and experience no longer have a lock-down on how events go down. they can’t control information to the extent that they once did, and therefore they can’t control human behavior. the internet has changed everything. but as much shit as i talk, i am not above the suit. i wear it sometimes too … when i know i’m going to be sitting in the board room with a bunch of honchos. i dig steve job’s steez … jeans and a black turtleneck. (click here to dress up steve jobs). if i had my druthers i would be in jeans and a t shirt and vans basically every day. and if i had a little more initiative i would pimp out my closet in the style of ellen de generes. i love how she dresses for work: comfy, stylin,’ and fun.



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2 responses to “you know my steez

  1. & then there’s the Man with the Bicycle Print Ties.

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