the other question: who’s hotter?

hotties.gif apparently the col’s blog community isn’t the only group pondering this very important question. special thanks to Lost for sharing this gem from OK! magazine.



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6 responses to “the other question: who’s hotter?

  1. Lost


    Still, if forced to chose….I might have to go with Mr. Craig.

    I love that it’s a tie. It shows that their hotness is really hard to deny.

  2. Spillah

    Oh, it is so not a tie. Not even close. Craig is fantastically hot, whereas Damon is merely moviefied hot.

  3. Daniel Craig taking a pounding to the balls. Naked. Is anything hotter than that? Am I a pervert?

  4. Lost, it cracks me up that your animalistic response is stomach growling. But then I kinda get it — I do want to bite them. Also, my eyes tear. I get vaclempt like Linda Richman.

    Spillah, Fantastically hot. yes yes, you are correct woman. Heat index = over 130 °F … Extreme danger — heat stroke or sunstroke are likely with continued exposure.

    Laurie, Looking out on the morning rain
    I used to feel so uninspired. And then I saw DC naked in a shower, doubled over his mangled manhood. Now I’m no longer doubtful of what I’m living for … as far as DC’s naked bod’s involved — I want more!

  5. linda k.

    daniel craig gets my vote. if i were still writing copy for bodice rippers, i would say that a romantic interlude with him would be tempestuous, tumultuous, and definitely unfuckingforgettable.

  6. I am dying with laughter right now. Aretha’s Craig homage… too much.

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