tuesday morning dance party!

back to work, back to school. i got ants in my pants and i need to dance.

universal music group has disabled embedding on these 2 videos (i would if i were them too — they’re gems) so please click on the links below to get your freak on.

this one is giving me ideas for new moves. (gotta change the karaoke routine up every so often lest it get stale).

and this one is music video storytelling at its finest.

Ow girl. Blow, Danny!



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2 responses to “tuesday morning dance party!

  1. SUPERFREAK would be awesome….

    can you please do it in that Rick James sort of twang, too??

    Pretty please?????

  2. no begging — you just need to join us next time we go to sing sing. it’s my signature song there … been doing it since before dave chapelle made rick popular again.

    but after seeing rick’s toothy grin i have newfound inspiration. ow yow!

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