close encounters of the mogul kind

honcho.jpgCompetitive Col from the waist up (stylin’ jacket over silk tank top, pretty necklace, good hair and makeup), Zen Col from the waist down (tattered jeans and hippie sandals exposing iridescent pink toe polish) heads up to the executive floor to drop off today’s industry clips to the top honcho’s office. On the way back to her lowly windowless office, she encounters the top honcho, clad in a crisp navy suit, in the elevator bank. During the awkward silence before the elevator arrives ….

COL: So you don’t do the casual Friday’s thing, huh?
TOP HONCHO: Nah. When I’m in L.A., I dress casual. But not when I’m on this coast.
COL: Yeah, well. I call this look “new media Friday’s”
HONCHO: (laugh)

A bunch of boisterous, space-filling worker bees enter the elevator midway down. Honcho furiously attends to his blackberry.

COL: (Getting out) Hey, have a good one, Honcho!
HONCHO: You too, take care!


PS: speaking about self in the 3rd person makes me feel like norm mac donald as bob dole.



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2 responses to “close encounters of the mogul kind

  1. Lost


    I loved that Norm MacDonald bit as Bob Dole….

    “Bob Dole’s peanut butter…Bob Dole loves peanute butter. “

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