col: … and that’s not a breach of trust or disloyal. it’s just the facts
lost: totes
col: totes
col: i am totes obsessed with totes
lost: totes
col: is totes getting excessive
lost: we could have a whole conversation like, “dude…dude”
lost: but with totes
col: with totes …?
lost: yes
lost: like, “Dude…that is totes….” — You – “totes”
lost: “totes…you want to meet up later?” You- “totes”
col: totes can be used interchangeably with yes, totally and dude. that what you’re sayin?
lost: totes!
col: totes. man i am totes posting this chat on colsblog
col: just the totes part
col: if that’s kosher with you
lost: totes



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3 responses to “totes

  1. That was totes killer!

    You think people will think we are totes crazy?


  2. aliG

    you guys are totes hysterical. i was totes crackin up at my desk.

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