Mass retardation

Hilar experience in corporate America today. Some moron in a local news outfit inadvertently sent a news advisory alert email to everyone in my company’s corporate headquarters. So prob. 800 or so employees, I’m guessing. Why any random schmoe has this capability is beyond me (I’m not the boss of IT and am not paid enough to care about these things, but still: aren’t these lists protected?).

Anyways … any sentient email recipient could look at the To: field and discern that the “Richmond PD Shooting” message was unintentionally sent to all employees in the building. Intelligent people either deleted the email or ignored it. About 25 minutes later a genius in the tax department replied all saying “You sent this to me in error.” Within 3 minutes 25 more emails were sent under the same subject heading. Half saying: “Me too.” The other half screaming in all caps: “STOP REPLYING ALL!!!” Another rocket scientist chimed in with: “This looks like a virus. Somebody should alert Security.”

If mass technological ineptitude is a virus, yes, we have a problem on our hands. And I’m not so sure Security (with a capital “S”, even) is the answer for what ails us.




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4 responses to “Mass retardation

  1. I miss working. That would kill two hours of my day — just in making fun of the person.

    Damn. Good story, Col.

  2. I wish we worked together. We’d be a dynamic duo fo shizza. I keep laughing over it. I was actually in tears when it first happened. I ran into my co-worker’s office to verify that indeed, everyone in the building was getting the emails. Then I walked around the hall. Everyone was either confused or laughing. It was great! I think I am going to dare my colleages to reply all tomorrow. something like “sorry i was out of th eoffice yesterday and just saw this email. it was sent to me in error.”

    oh god, i would SO love if someone did that.

  3. Literally LMAO!

    I HATE when people reply all. What’s scary? I get emails like this from people in my office ALL DAY LONG! Not just for random emails that are clearly a mistake.

    People are just plain stupid.

  4. yes, LOST, they are stupes to the extreme.

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