got hbo?

i do. and i won’t be missing this one: alive day.

James Gandolfini: I think a lot of times on both coasts we’re so cynical about this kind of thing. First of all, I think a lot of people think this whole volunteer army is just people who couldn’t make it in other areas of life and joined for the financial reasons of being taken care of, so to speak. And when you talk to these people, it’s obvious that that’s not true. These are smart kids. They’re intelligent, they’re articulate.

And when we talk about loyalty to the country–that they joined because they were angry that their country got attacked–I mean these are the kinds of things we don’t hear about anymore. You know, everyone says, “the kids today, the kids today.” Well these are the kids today. And we need to pay attention to them. They’re not just disposable people.

Read the full interview.


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