hey wes

remember the steely dan/wilson/lebowski-esque letter stunt? well they are at it again, this one with wes, to help promote the darjeeling limited. i went to the apple store tonight to try to see his 13-minute short “Hotel Chevalier” but it was so crowded and nutty, i lost my nerve and patience. will be online wednesday, according to today’s wall street journal. can wait to see both. i love this time. wsj article excerpt:

Mr. Anderson’s experiment could become more frequent in the coming years as “a certain caliber of filmmaker who has access to talent and some equipment can have a great idea for a film and get the ball rolling on their own without having to go through the traditional studio process,” says Scott Roesch, vice president and general manager of AtomFilms, which distributes digital short films. AtomFilms is a unit of Viacom Inc.’s MTV Networks and isn’t involved with Mr. Anderson’s projects. “The short is creating a lot of buzz so it’s hard to see how that doesn’t help the film and has got to be a little bit of a marketer’s dream for Fox.” (Fox Searchlight is owned by News Corp., which has agreed to buy Dow Jones & Co., the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, for more than $5 billion.)

PS: the steely dan letters remind me of the unicorn prank except that, good sir, was REAL!


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  1. doh — i was a day early to the apple store, apparently. oh well, am sure ’twas mobbed anyway.


    very much to my chagrin it has not been leaked to youtube yet. (well, not under a search term that i know, anyway)

    i am jonesin’.their strategy is TOTES working on me!

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