today’s info diet (thru 10 20 a.m.)

1. hbo on demand ─ the latest episode of curb your enthusiasm (larry steals flowers from a roadside shrine)
2. ipod during subway ride.
3. nytimes dealbook email ─ i’ve heard less than flattering things about ars from multiple sources, but alas. his newsletter is kickass. saves me time. finds me the good stories.
4. tv ratings data email from my company’s research dept.
5. wordsmith word-a-day email. today’s word: artesian (ahr-tee-zhuhn) adjective. pertaining to a well that has water rising to the surface under natural pressure, without the need of a pump.
6. – jargon du jour email. today’s jargon: september 25th, 2007: goodness (n.) elements of quality. “there is much goodness in your proposal.” uggh.
7. businessweek online alerts digest email
8. washington post technology email
9., today’s headlines emails
10. in my netvibes: too much to describe in full, but here are a few of my feeds
a. gmail: personal email
b. nypost page six
c. nytimes national
d. weather
e. stock chart of my employer
f. politics
g. bbc news world
h. ny post business
i. the wall street journal
j. business
k. technology
l. la times business
m. seeking alpha
n. financial times
o. cnn
p. yahoo finance headlines for my employer
q. information week
r. yahoo technology news
s. ars technical
t. cnet
u. giga om
v. wired top stories
w. gizmodo
x. techcrunch
11. daily clips packet prepared by my colleagues in the communications dept. (we use burelle’s to aggregate them and then selectively pick and choose which ones to share internally. the sources are all national and local media, trade pubs such as variety and hollywood reporter, and the occasional blog post. including highly negative stories can lead to explosions of executive ire.)
12. media bistro daily newsfeed email
13. the three books i held so far today: angry little girls by leela lee, finding your own north star by martha beck, and the social life of information by brown and duguid
14. magazines sitting on the table behind me: interview, the economist, nytimes mag (yay spill!)
15. a pile of ml, gs transcripts and analyst reports that i’ve been avoiding for about a week now (ugh).



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2 responses to “today’s info diet (thru 10 20 a.m.)

  1. that’s a lot of info, yo. how do you process?

  2. glad you asked. i don’t process it all. i scan … and that helps me figure out what’s going on. i’ve developed a sense for which items are worth actually reading and processing. the amount of rubbish and chatter is amazing! but when you land on something real, well, it’s a gift. i keep a separate pile of stories to come back to later when i have time to actually reflect and think. i find it fun.

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