let the backlash begin! (or CONTINUE i should say)

a woman is ordered to pay more than $200K for illegally downloading music, and one of the songs is Destiny’s Child “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

24 illegal song downloads cost US woman 220,000 dollars

to the the Recording Industry of America and six major music labels, i second johnny’s sentiments:




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2 responses to “let the backlash begin! (or CONTINUE i should say)

  1. Yeah, I’m really sympathetic to the RIAA.

  2. what IS the RIAA? FUCK it, whatever it is.

    we need a new model, yes. it hurts a lot if you are a young artist trying to figure out how to make a living off your work. (welcome to the world of art, people. if money’s your object, sell life insurance).

    what conscionable artists besides lars fucking whatever from metallica is going to go after people for downloading music?

    this case and all like it are set in motion by greedy ass copyright lawyers making a last desperate attempt at being relevant.

    the business people fucked it all up and got caught with their pants down. now they have to lay off tons of people and they still have NO FUCKING CLUE what to do.

    yeah, it sucks.

    but don’t make the music fans suffer for it.

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