col’s blog search terms: 10/14/07

brazilian wax
pareto principle
comedy and tragedy faces
bostonist “James Mitchell”
homemade movie
what shall i do because i am bored at work
daniel craig’s eyes
sex tube
angry little girls
funny signs
tacano shoes
man crying
boob tube costume
tori burch



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7 responses to “col’s blog search terms: 10/14/07

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  2. I was the “daniel craig’s eyes” guy. Gotta love him.

  3. so you’re a fan of the craig gaze as well. hot damn. have you weighed in on the 50/50?

  4. nwo

    Please provide the link to that ‘bored at work’ thing. You know, for a friend. Just in case.

  5. I can’t even understand the reason for the question (daniel vs matt). No comparison. Who are these no taste bitches that chose Matt? (and don’t get me started on that AFLACK guy)

  6. aflack is not hot, AT ALL. also he’s a dork. don’t like him one bit, and i especially hated him on that celebrity poker show. douchehound!

    i do like matt (the bod, the attitude), but there’s no comparison to DC at all. daniel is in his own dimension. those no taste bitches are prob more into the all american guy type, and not open to more exotic fare.

  7. Maybe I’m being a little harsh. If any of them came knocking on my door, I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed (not sure how they got from the door to bed). But, by far, Daniel is the hottest.

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